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Let Kids Be Kids
Releasing June 2024

Norm Werld, an upcoming, best selling author within the conservative space, is releasing his book, 'Let Kids Be Kids'. While many school boards and political agendas are geared towards sexualizing children and creating gender confusion, Norm has created a book that combats those ideologies. 'Let Kids Be Kids' allows kids to explore the world, but to also be confident in the skin they were born in.

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Norm Werld

Meet Norm Werld – a dedicated writer who places faith and family at the forefront of his life's journey. Driven by a profound commitment to these core values, I have seamlessly woven my love for storytelling with the enduring principles of faith and family. In a world where children's programming often delves into sensitive topics such as the premature sexualization of children and confusing discussions about gender identity, I felt compelled to contribute positively.

Rather than merely engaging in online debates as a keyboard warrior, I chose a more impactful path: creating content that aligns with my convictions. My goal is clear - to provide children with literature that fosters an environment free from confusion, allowing them to revel in the joys of childhood. I invite you to join me in this mission, as together we strive to reclaim the innocence of children amidst the challenges posed by today's political agendas and societal climate.

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